Transgressor is a webzine project as a platform that shares female extreme metal musicians’ stories. Made by Ming, a female metal musician/illustrator, also an MRes student in Communication Design pathway, Royal College of Art, this project aims to build a freer space for female artists who want to talk about their experiences, their journeys and their strategies helping them get through the difficulties. Also, as the individual project of the artist, this site is a place to experiment on metal visuals through collages and illustrations.

‘Transgressor’ means the one who breaks a law or moral rule. Here, the word represents the girls who are doing the things that were supposed to be boy-expertise, for instance, playing drums in a death metal band. No matter if the girls are intentional or not, they are pushing the boundaries of social norms, reclaiming the rights of free self-expression, living in the way however they want.

Designing by women, designing for women, we are chasing the goal that women can express themselves freely without the restrictions and exploring the future possibilities of being a female musician. We support every girl (or anyone identifies themselves as girls) who intends to pursue her metal life.

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